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Help us provide high quality medical care to  

We're hiring.
  • Nurses

  • Providers

  • Med Techs

  • Office Administrators

Make a difference in Idaho
Huge opportunity.  

Jails are strategically positioned to provide key care to the community.

We're making it happen.

With a focused approach and excellent, local teams, we provide great care to our patients. 

Our footprint

Five jails, 800 patients, 24/7/365. 

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Join an experienced team
Dr. Sherry Stoutin.jpg

Dr. Sherry Stoutin

President & Medical Director

We know what it takes
  • Tested procedures & protocols

  • Supportive leadership

  • Collaboration with jail administration

  • High quality, passionate staff 

That's where you come in

What you need
  • The desire to care for the forgotten

  • A love for learning and fast paced work

  • High professional standards

  • A team focus

  • Patience

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